Hello, What's This Spices Blog?

No - this isn't really a stand-alone blog about herbs and spices. It's an appendix of my food blog: Aidan Brooks: Trainee Chef containing all my pages on spices. These are in a separate file because they have a different format from the main section.

That's why this looks odd - it's not meant to be read chronologically but as a series of hyperlinked articles. It would be best to check out my food blog, but you are very welcome to browse here if you want.

Spice Index

I'm pleased to announce that, after almost five years of intermittent effort, I've completed the first pass of work my spice section. I'll be doing a lot of tidying up, new research and corrections in the coming period. For more information about a given spice, click on the appropriate link:

assafoetidabarberrybasilbay leafIndian bay leafIndonesian bay leaf
AsafoetidaBarberryBasilBay LeafBay Leaf, IndianBay Leaf, Indonesian
bergamotboldo leafboragebush tomatocamomilecapers
BergamotBoldo LeafBorageBush TomatoCamomileCapers
carawayblack cardamomgreen cardamomcelerychameleon plantchaste tree
CarawayCardamom, BlackCardamom, GreenCeleryChameleon PlantChaste Tree
chervilchicorychillichivescicelyChinese cinnamon
ChervilChicoryChilliChivesCicelyCinnamon, Chinese
Indonesian cinnamonSri Lankan cinnamonclovescoconutBolivian coriandercommon coriander
Cinnamon, IndonesianCinnamon, Sri LankanClovesCoconutCoriander, BolivianCoriander, Common
long corianderVietnamese coriandercostmarygarden cresswater cresscumin
Coriander, LongCoriander, VietnameseCostmaryCress, GardenCress, WaterCumin
black cumincurry leafdamask rosedillepazotefennel
Cumin, BlackCurry LeafDamask RoseDillEpazoteFennel
fenugreekblue fenugreekfingerrootgreater galangalelesser galangalegale
FenugreekFenugreek, BlueFingerrootGalangale, GreaterGalangale, LesserGale
garlicbear's garlicgingergrains of paradisehorseradishhyssop
GarlicGarlic, Bear'sGingerGrains Of ParadiseHorseradishHyssop
juniperkaffir limekewrakokumlavenderlemon
JuniperKaffir LimeKewraKokumLavenderLemon
lemon balmlemon grasslemon myrtlelemon verbenalimeliquorice
Lemon BalmLemon GrassLemon MyrtleLemon VerbenaLimeLiquorice
lovageblack lovagemacemahaleb charrymangomarjoram
LovageLovage, BlackMaceMahaleb CherryMangoMarjoram
masticMexican pepperleafmugwortblack mustardwhite mustardmyrtle
MasticMexican PepperleafMugwortMustard, BlackMustard, WhiteMyrtle
NasturtiumNigellaNutmegOliveOnion And ShallotOrange
oreganoMexican oreganopandanus leafpaprikaparacressparsley
OreganoOregano, MexicanPandanus LeafPaprikaParacressParsley
black peppercubeb pepperlong peppernegro pepperpink pepperSichuan pepper
Pepper, Black, etc.Pepper, CubebPepper, LongPepper, NegroPepper, PinkPepper, Sichuan
Tasmanian pepperwater pepperperillapomegranatepoppy seedpumpkin oilseed
Pepper, TasmanianPepper, WaterPerillaPomegranatePoppy SeedPumpkin Oilseed
purslanerice paddy herbrocketrosemaryruesafflower
PurslaneRice Paddy HerbRocketRosemaryRueSafflower
saffronsagesalad burnetsassafrassavorysesame
SaffronSageSalad BurnetSassafrasSavorySesame
southernwoodspearmintstar anisesumacsweet clovertamarind
SouthernwoodSpearmintStar AniseSumacSweet CloverTamarind
tansytarragonMexican tarragonthymetonka beanturmeric
TansyTarragon, FrenchTarragon, MexicanThymeTonka Bean
Some of the photographs in this section were taken by me and others have been used under the terms of Creative Commons licensing. I would like to thank all of the copyright owners concerned and I intend to attribute all of these pictures as soon as possible. In the interim, should any copyright owner have an issue with my use of their pictures, please contact me and I will substitute them immediately.